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Pensacola Airport Gets $553k Security Camera System Upgrade  - 02.27.2015  - David Peterson

The Pensacola International Airport has long had an issue with commuters attempting to bypass security checkpoints in creative ways and the airport's $553,000 upgrade to their video surveillance system aims to stop this in an equally creative way. The new CCTV camera system will use a combination of video security cameras and motion detection software tied into an audible and visual alert for airport personnel to intercede. This triggered alert will also automatically close doors to the concourse without any action needed on the behalf of the security personnel to prevent a traveler forcing their way into the terminal. The upgraded CCTV surveillance system is slated to save taxpayers close to $120k each year by the airport not needing to have an employee physically present to specifically monitor the area.

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Campus Security Helps Protect Student and School Property  - 02.20.2015  - David Peterson

With the immense number of students on a university campus, theft is one of the most prevalent crimes that hurt both students and the colleges themselves. From school supplies in the campus store to equipment from the chemistry labs to student property being stolen from their dorm rooms, campus police are inundated with reports of theft on a daily basis. Many schools across the nation have taken to installing hundreds of security cameras across their campus and in their hallways to help increase the number of eyes to stop theft before it happens. Surveillance cameras are able to not only increase monitoring of remote areas, but they also act as a visible deterrent for those looking to steal from either the school or another student. The simple fact of knowing that you're being watched by someone on campus is enough to keep crime from happening. Schools have also taken to installing key card readers to gain access to buildings outside of normal hours so the administrative staff can track who was where and when. Unfortunately, the 24 hour access students have to school buildings and the limited number of officers on campus at any one time can't stop all crime from happening, but it is an enormous help in recovering stolen items by providing a description of the perpetrator.

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New York City Subway Implements Hidden Security Camera System Network  - 02.13.2015  - David Peterson

Hundreds of CCTV cameras are monitoring the New York City subways and going completely unnoticed by commuters. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has added hundreds of hidden surveillance cameras near turnstiles, token booths, and card reader machines to help track commuter activity and keep NY citizens safe while in the subways. These covert security cameras are hidden within welded pipes that completely blend into the industrial background of conduits and piping and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. These specialized cameras were installed in an ongoing effort to monitor high crime and at-risk areas of the subway where incidents happen on a regular basis. In total, the NY city subway has roughly 4,500 CCTV cameras installed throughout its various stations.

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Fisheye Cameras & Security Applications  - 02.05.2015  - David Peterson

In the early days of 360 degree cameras, 4 separate image sensor and lenses were used to capture the image and the panoramic image was produced by using stitching software. With the advances in imaging technology, a single IP image sensor combined with a fisheye lens produces much better results. A 360 degree view is obtained by mounting the fisheye security camera on either celling or floor while 180 degrees is obtained with a wall mounted fisheye camera. One fisheye IP cameras can replace several cameras and provide the needed coverage. Although PTZ cameras are still popular for certain surveillance applications such as casinos, fisheye cameras have several advantages over PTZ cameras such as lower cost, no moving parts and ability to monitor all angles and not just where the PTZ camera was pointing at the time of an incident.

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Police Departments Issue Body Mounted Spy Cameras to Officers  - 01.29.2015  - David Peterson

Spy Pen Cameras have been around for a while, but recently some Police departments are issuing them to their officers to wear them in their shirt pocket to improve documentation of interactions between officers and citizens and confirm an officer’s version of the interaction in case of potential law suits or complaints. Additionally, recording the audio and video, could ensure that law enforcement officers conduct themselves in a professional manner. Body cameras are becoming more popular after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO. To improve transparency, Los Angeles PD is in the process of purchasing 7,000 body cameras. Since the recording happens in public areas, officers are not required to notify that recording is in progress.

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Law Enforcement Calling for Registration of Security Cameras  - 01.22.2015  - David Peterson

With the rise in popularity and the adoption of video security systems in businesses across the nation, Police Departments and lawmakers are looking for ways to make it easier for policeman to access video feeds to aid in solving crimes. By having business owners register their security systems with the city, local Police will have a reference guide of where cameras are located throughout their jurisdiction so they can quickly determine if a crime was caught on camera. Surveillance cameras have long been invaluable to law enforcement in providing key evidence of crimes in progress where witnesses weren't present. Having access to a network of security footage would give police officers a goldmine of information in solving crimes.

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School Security Camera Systems are on the Rise  - 01.12.2015  - David Peterson

As the number of attacks and incidents between students on school campuses across the nation continues to rise, so does the cry for better security measures at our children's schools. School security has become a much debated topic and many school administrators have found their schools coming under close scrutiny by parents and their district alike. According to recent studies, security camera use on school campuses across the country has increased by nearly 30% with colleges and universities being the largest adopters. With elementary schools, the main concern is about safety and knowing who is coming and going from the building. The sprawling college campus presents a more difficult challenge as security teams have precious moments to respond to incidents. Improving visibility across campus through the use of high definition IP cameras and keeping unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas via access control door locks is key to providing a safe environment for students.

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England’s Security Cameras & Webcams Hacked by a Website in Russian  - 11.21.2014  - David Peterson

Over 500 Live video feed from businesses and homes in England have been accessed, hacked and uploaded to a Russian website. These video feeds are coming from children’s bedroom, shops, and office buildings through England. UK privacy groups are urging camera users to change their password and use stronger passwords. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in England believes there are many webcams with either default password or no password. ICO is urging people to change default passwords to strong passwords that are harder to crack. ICO is in the process of working with Russian authorities to take down the website.

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Home’s security cameras could help in case of double vacant house fire  - 03.13.2013  - Jill Glavan

Home Security Camera

One neighbor’s work to protect himself and those around him could help to solve the case of an empty home that caught fire twice on Sunday, March 10, 2013. Nearby homeowner Tony Johnson thought he might have seen something suspicious at that time. Johnson had seen a man on his home security camera system. Not only did he see him and then the fire shortly after he ran, but Johnson caught the man on camera.

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Syracuse residents, tired of waiting for the city, put up their own cameras  - 03.07.2013  - Douglass Dowty

Dennis Schwald Sr. put up four high-definition surveillance cameras three weeks ago, with plans for four more, tired of waiting for Syracuse police cameras in his neighborhood. The cameras, with infrared night vision, capture the entire 300 block of Hartson Avenue in Skunk City. The security system can be watched from the television in the living room, with a flick of the remote switches the view from cable to cameras. A DVR records a month’s worth of footage and when away, he can watch the cameras via smartphone.

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5 things a surveillance installer should check before calling tech support  - 02.28.2013  - Wendi Burke

After many years in the megapixel surveillance business, the technical support department at has seen all the possible pitfalls. Polling them recently, we were able to put together a list of their “best hits”; that is, the most common mistakes and problem areas they encounter when talking to the integrator on the job.

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That's my bike! Brave cyclist assaulted on CCTV as he attempts to stop thief at Sheffield rail station
Mirror  - 01.16.2013  - Alex Wynick

Police have released CCTV footage of an assault on a brave cyclist attempting to stop a thief riding off on his bike in the UK. After a short period of time you can see a member of the public steps in to help the victim. Together they manage to drag the thief off the bike as he continues to hit them with the bike lock.
“The victim and member of the public showed great courage and managed to foil this attempted theft. Despite being hit by the metal bike lock, luckily the victim didn’t sustain any serious injuries. ”

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Netgear’s Tiny VueZone Security Camera Can Work the Night Shift Now
Gizmodo  - 01.10.2013  - Leslie Horn

The new camera looks almost identical to the ones that came before it; it's so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand, so you can move it pretty easily to any place in your house. But it's been equipped with an AC-powered infrared lamp, and a wire-free infrared camera so that you don't need to place it near an outlet. You can easily monitor the action from an iOS or Android app.
You can easily monitor the action from an iOS or Android app. However this isn't a standalone. You'll need an existing VueZone system to run the new add-on, and it costs $130.

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Oh God, Here Come the Private Security Drones
Gizmodo  - 01.03.2013  - Eric Limer

Drones are becoming more popular in use by the military, and some day they might even deliver food to you, but it looks like they'll also be used for private companies too. That's what Japanese security company Secom is banking on with its new private security quadrotor.
Labeled as the first security drone intended for private security firms, Secom's upcoming drone is a customized Ascending Technologies quadrotor outfitted to spot and follow potential troublemakers. The drones will have the ability to track suspects with lasers, and know better than to rush into melee range. They won't be making their actual debut until 2014, at which point they can be rented for $58 per month.

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Hi-tech garden gnomes used to secure homes
Digital Spy  - 12.27.2012  - Mayer Nissim

A price comparison search unveiled hi-tech garden gnomes which can help keep home secure when people are away. These gnomes are called Festive Garden Gaudians, contain security cameras and motion sensors to help keep your home safe.
Garden Guardian creator Ian Burgess of Setwo Limited said: "Having your home burgled is a horrible experience. Having your home broken into, and knowing someone's taken your things can really unsettle you. That's why I wanted to create the Festive Garden Guardians - so that I can help protect people from having the same thing happen to them."

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New website features security cameras in Phila. and beyond
ABC 6  - 12.20.2012  - Dann Cuellar

The creators of Community Cam are hoping that for the first time, a new project will give law enforcement and the public at large a region-wide map of the locations of public and private security cameras to help combat crime.
"To be clear, this service does not allow for access to surveillance footage," said president Josh Daniels. "Nor is any of the information that is uploaded in any way privately accessible to anyone."

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Police Chief wants to keep DNC security cameras  - 12.12.2012  - Scott Wickersham

The decision about what to do with all the security cameras and equipment left over from the Democratic National Convention will be discussed as Rodney Monroe, police Chief of Charlotte, is talking to city council Monday afternoon.
"We see a lot of people around her breaking into stores. A guy got stabbed right there on the corner and died." said David Alhalek, owner of a cellphone store on West Boulevard.

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SightLogix SightTracker Automatically Steers Videotec PTZ Cameras
Business Solutions  - 12.05.2012

SightLogix, Inc. announced the integration of the SightTracker® pan-tilt-zoom camera controller with Videotec’s ULISSE line of positioning devices. The integration provides an accurate and cost-effective video security solution for comprehensive detection, tracking and assessment over outdoor areas for users.
“Security managers need fast, detailed information about the location and nature of an intrusion in real time,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix President and CEO.

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Belgrade to install security cameras at community center
Kennebec Journal  - 11.29.2012  - Paul Koenig

It's hoped by town officials, that a new eight-camera system will deter troublemakers from misbehaving at the Belgrade Community Center for All Seasons during unsupervised hours. The system for the community building and recreation areas will be installed in response to vandalism and mischief, according to Town Manager Greg Gill.
"We're just trying to deter some of the stuff that's been happening because it is town property, and we're trying to protect it," he said.

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WeHo Council Doesn’t Act on Plummer Park Security Cameras
WeHoville  - 11.21.2012  - James F. Mills

The West Hollywood City Council opted not to install security cameras in Plummer Park at Monday night’s city council meeting, unable to reach agreement on a proposal by city staff.
“Why wouldn’t uniformed officers be better than a camera?” Duran said. “An officer can make an arrest while a camera can only monitor motion … cameras create a false sense of security.”

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