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"These guys are the real deal!"

These guys are the real deal! My experience was the exact opposite of the previous review...and...no, I DO NOT work for them. I actually work for another camera company, yet everyone I met was friendly & knowledgeable. I've been in the security camera & customer service businesses for over 25 years, and Kyle in sales & Aaron in operations took the time to understand my business needs. Their facility is excellent, they have what you need IN STOCK, and have GOOD prices! My customers deserve good quality, reasonable prices and support for their systems...and you can't get that from some internet-only, 3rd party reseller of grey-market equipment, with nothing but automated voice-messaging for support and a P.O. Box address! Don't get suckered by the "too good to be true" pricing of internet scam companies...go with a genuine, brick-and-mortar, authorized distributor.

Chad J.
Fort Worth, TX

"We love the system"

We have finished the installation of the Geovision DVR with the security cage. The system has been running continuously for 15 days. We love the system. Thanks to you and your staff at Apexcctv, Delta Casino is ready for the future. I look forward to working with you again on buying additional IP cams.

Dante' Hicks
General Manager
Delta Casino

"Expertly handled customer service"

ApexCCTV is hands down my favorite vendor. Every call I make to them, even from the start, has been handled expertly. Each person there seems to be attentive and have a genuine interst in providing good customer support either through sales or technical help.

On multiple occasions, they have gone out of their way to get a part to me on time in order that my schedule and promises to my customers could be met. It is rare today to find any company that is not only capable, but also willing to provide good customer service. It has been my experience that ApexCCTV strives in every area to do that.

Blu Cartmell
Security Standards
Midland, TX

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"Excellent product and support"

I am writing in reference to video surveillance systems we have purchased for our custom homes throughout North Florida. I would like to thank you for the professional job your support staff has provided and quality of the equipment. We looked at a few systems and companies before making our decision. Our research paid off. We could not be happier with the cameras, servers (DVR's), software and support that we have gotten from your company thus far.

As you know, we were initially a little concerned about your low prices compared to some of your competitors and to be honest that had us a little worried about what we would end up with as far as product and ongoing support. However I am pleased to say that Apex CCTV has answered all of our concerns by providing an excellent product and support.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with your company as we continue to grow.

Mike Askari
Fortune Homes Custom Builder
Tallahassee, FL

"Nothing but the highest level in service, tech support and quality equipment"

Our company has been using Apex CCTV for over a year and have had nothing but the highest level in service, tech support and quality equipment. This has allowed us to satisfy new and existing customers quickly and efficiently, and that has really made a difference to our bottom line.

They have really gone the extra mile for us when we needed it, and have genuinely been interested in helping us to succeed. This, obviously, isn’t always the case with most vendors one may deal with on a regular basis. I strongly encourage you give them a chance to prove to you why they should have your business, too.

All the Best,
Ken Bianchi
Omni Security
New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania

"Unparalleled in customer service and delivery of products"

I just wanted to thank you as always for the great service that you and your company provide our restaurants. We continually look to you for advice and product selection and have been always delighted at your knowledge and prompt service. I have on many occasions recommended your company to my colleagues.

I have to admit that I originally selected your company based on the great pricing and selection of cameras and equipment, but have been pleasantly surprised that you not only are competitive and usually the lowest among your competitors but also unparalleled in customer service and delivery of products. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you in the future as our surveillance vendor.

Brett Gaines
Denny’s Restaurant
Apex, North Carolina

"Exceptional Customer Service"

The purpose of this letter is to convey my sincere appreciation for the exceptional assistance that Mr. Shaun Reiland (one of your tech. supports) gave me today.

Mr. Reiland ’s exceptional professionalism, intellect, knowledge in the subject matter, and his exceptional customer service, thorough cooperation in trouble shooting and setting up my 4 - PTZ7135 and PZ6112 cameras is appreciated. He always was willing to take that extra step to make my problem effortless and simple. In my opinion he provides a good image for your organization. Mr. Reiland is a definite distinction and asset to your group.

Marty Sedig
Managing Member - Exquisite Salon and Spa, LLC


I would just like to take the opportunity to say thanks for the remarkable customer service I have received from Apex CCTV. Your ordering process is very simple, your shipping is extremely fast and your support team is very helpful.

I worked with John Owen on an issue and we were able to work out a solution quickly. Thanks for your wonderful staff, I will surely come back to Apex CCTV for my future needs.

Gary Jennings
Baytown, TX

"You guys are awesome!!!"

Thank you, Chris. You guys are awesome!!! Seriously I'm very, very pleased with this whole transaction. Hands down I will be spreading the word about your company. Most companies say they can deliver but they never really do. They just want the sale. I'm a very happy man. I'll probably be calling as I will need the tech support setting this up. Thanks again.

Rex Yang
Seattle, WA

"Customer Care"

If you are thinking about purchasing a DVR, I have some great advice for you. As an experienced business owner with several locations I have had DVRs for many years. My business requires the use of DVRs for safety & security of the most precious thing on earth to all of us: Someone’s mother, Father, Grandmother, or Grandfather. Their family members trust us with them so it is very important to use the best equipment without fail.

I have used several other DVRs in the past. Unfortunately they were full of bugs & constant problems. Then to get help was like talking to someone from china & took longer than driving there. I needed a new DVR for our most recent home and decided on one of the user friendly DVRs from ApexCCTV. I have had little problems, and the ones I have had have been resolved immediately, professionally, & courteously by the great people on staff at ApexCCTV. The lifetime Technical support you get with each DVR is worth more than the small price you pay for the DVR. My stupid questions get answered promptly, efficiently and courteously without fail. I have replaced my other DVRs with ApexCCTV DVRs and plan to use all their products in my future locations. I can’t say enough about the support team; especially Eric, WOW he knows his stuff.

Kelly Calahan
Owner – Above & Beyond Assisted Living Inc.
Willis, TX

"Total admiration for the professionalism surrounding your company"

I wanted to express my total admiration for the professionalism surrounding your company. From PR communication to your RMA system, to notifications to promptitude of service it has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you very much for your help and all the best!
Calin Todea
Calgary, Alberta

"Satisfying Service"

We bought 3 DVRs from Apex CCTV. We have installed them, and everything has been working great. We and our customer are very satisfied with your product. Thank you once again for the fast, on time service. I look forward to do business with you in the future. Have a great day.

Nicholas Whitlatch
National Security
El Paso, TX

"Two years of great service"

I have been doing business with Apexcctv for about two years and have bought and installed their surveillance products for many of my customers. They have great customer service, reliable products and very competitive pricing.

Kris Enemo
DigiView Digital Surveillance
Dallas, TX

"Thank you for a fine job"

The City of Bastrop Public Works and Parks Department would like to thank you for a fine job helping us to select the right hardware and software for our project. Our project was somewhat different than the normal security camera installation. Our goal was to reduce the vandalism in two of our city parks. We had experience numerous problems on a weekly basis, which over time had cost the City of Bastrop several thousand dollars in repairs.

Thanks to Apex CCTV we installed quality cameras, recorders and a good software program to view our parks both day and night. We have good quality pictures and a very stable software program.

We recommend Apex CCTV because we feel you assisted us from the beginning offering advice on the type of camera system we needed to get our job done.

Since we have installed the camera system at our parks the vandalism has completely stopped. This is a large savings for us and a bit of comfort to our residents using these facilities.

We highly recommend Apex CCTV to any of your future customers. Please feel free to offer our letter to any potential customer you may work with in the future.

Monty Blackmon
Director of Public Works and Parks Department
City of Bastrop

"ApexCCTV rocks from check-in to check-out"

I wanted to take a minute of your time to express my gratitude and happiness with ApexCCTV service and personnel. I have worked with Chris on 5 projects and he made it a joy at all times.

Chris is a very pleasant person to speak to and he goes the extra mile to ensure customer's comfort and satisfaction. Chris also knows his products well and is willing to assist with other products. My last job consisted of 4 different sites, I had very little time to spare. Chris was there for me to ensure goods arrived complete and on time. He also assisted in resolving couple of conflicts on the job and returned solution in a timely manner.

I'm sure such talent must have been cared for by smart, honest and enthusiastic management. Therefore, I extend my thanks and appreciation to you as well.

Truly, ApexCCTV rocks from check-in to check-out. Your website is professional and simple.

Isam Al-Barghouthy

"I appreciate your persistence"

I very much appreciate your persistence in helping me get this running! I could have purchased a DVR system anywhere, but had read good things about your tech service. Glad to see it lives up to it!

J. R. Shute
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
Knoxville, TN

"Elated to have purchased from ApexCCTV"

I am truly elated to have purchased these products from you guys at APEX, I can now rest assured with the peace of mind that my property can be monitored via internet and by myself to assure that I will not incure the same damage suffered by me prior to me purchasing these items. I thank you guys so much not only for assisting me with this, but be so very fair in your pricing. Thank you again. And I will also reccomend your services to any and everyone that I know whom is a homeowner because you know as well as I, that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement/promotion that there is. Thank you again.

Eric Saunders
Landover, MD

"Bulletproof bullet camera -- a testament to Taiwan manufacturing"

A few days ago I purchased a pair of your Sony IR cameras, made in Taiwan. Thank you for the same-day shipping and super-responsive customer service. I was pleased to see the cameras appeared to be well constructed in a solid metal shell, and were also heavier by far than I expected, which to me indicates there is some quality construction inside.

Unfortunately, while installing the cameras, I experienced one of those dreaded "all-thumbs" moments, and knocked one of them off the top platform of my 8' stepladder onto a concrete driveway. With a loud "bang", it literally /bounced/ more than a foot high when it struck the concrete. When I finished turning the air blue, I decided to complete the cabling and camera mounting work (in spite of having a non-functioning new camera), and to order a replacement for the destroyed camera later that evening. So I left the damaged new camera connected and mounted while it awaited replacement.

Later, I decided "what the heck", and just for fun I powered up the camera from the remote monitor location. *Imagine my total surprise when it came on and worked perfectly!*

I have tested the camera thoroughly, and it performs exactly to specifications, including IR operation, auto-iris function, etc. Believe me, I am amazed and impressed. There are a couple of pretty serious external dings in the aluminum shell, but the camera was functionally undamaged, including the lens and glass (surely that is polycarbonate) -- this after being dropped eight feet to concrete!

I will probably need a few more cameras soon, and you can bet your IR camera will be my cameras of choice. And speaking of choice, I have some choice words in reply to those who think "Made in Taiwan" means cheaply built! :)

Mustang, OK

"Appreciation for Sales and Technicians"

In response to an incident within one of our facilities, I was asked to install a CCTV system. I first went the traditional route and obtained quotes from several security companies. My executive management choked on the prices quoted. I then explored the web for more cost effective alternatives. I found several web based companies, but when I checked them out, they had poor BBB ratings, some were under investigation by State’s Attorneys. and some were out of business. I really lucked out when I found ApexCCTV.

I know a bit about surveillance cameras, but really needed someone to tell me what I needed. The sales staff talked to me and listened. Once they understood what I needed to do, they sent me two alternative proposals with clear explanations of the differences. I made the selection, and ApexCCTV went to work. I received all of the equipment about a week later. It was in good condition and came with clear instructions. Because the local electrician, who would install the cameras and wiring, has limited experience with CCTV, I wanted to make sure I knew how the system would go together before we were out in the factory with everyone watching over our shoulders. I took the equipment home, plugged it in, and attached the cables. IT WORKED!!! ApexCCTV had installed all of the software, automated the configuration of the cameras, and set everything up so literally, all I had to do was plug in the wires.

I still need to figure out how to do some things like transfer recorded video from the hard drive to the DVD burner, but I am sure that will be just as easy as the initial set up.

I appreciate the help I got in selecting the equipment and I REALLY appreciate the technicians who set it all up so that it works.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Smith
Chicago Area

"Easy to set up for a novice like me, packed with features, and backed by outstanding customer service!"

All my neighbors purchased camera systems from a local big box warehouse store and I was encouraged to do the same. After checking APEX CCTV products on-line and talking to Carlos Romo, I spoke with the big box warehouse store customer service tech. I asked if the camera systems he represented and sold offered a DVR with a built in DVD-R. I was told he wasn't familiar with such a product but would certainly buy one if such a device were available. I gave him the APEX CCTV Web Address and waited as he looked at the AP-FD09 DVR. Within 45 seconds of silence, the voice on the other end of my phone line said, "Oh my God, I have to have one of these. Thank you very much for telling me about APEX CCTV!"

Easy to set up for a novice like me, packed with features, priced to be very competitive and backed by outstanding customer service.

APEX CCTV's Carlos Romo is well versed on all APEX products, professional in his suggestions and takes time to make certain you fully understand what and why you're buying the product in question.

I'm a retired law enforcement officer, who was assigned as the crime prevention sergeant during my 25 years of service. During that time, I became familiar with many audio and video camera surveillance systems. Based on past knowledge and experience with a variety of crime prevention products, I will remain a loyal APEX CCTV customer.

Pete Pomponio
Apollo Beach, FL

100% Positive Feedback on eBay

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