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Access Controller Panels

Our line of GeoVision access control panels are the brains in your access control systems. These access controllers connect the various keypads, card readers, push buttons, and fingerprint scanners at the doors around your property to the terminal where you configure and administrate your system. With the right configuration, our access control panels allow your system to endlessly expandable so it grows right alongside your needs.

Access control can be a tricky subject so please do not hesitate to call 800-997-8460 and talk to the experts. You can also watch our Access Control Features & Benefits Video if you're more a DIYer.

GeoVision GV-AS2120 IP Control Panel
  • GeoVision GV-AS2120 IP Control Panel
  • Built-in 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs
  • One-way control: 4 doors
  • Support up to 40,000 Users/Cards
  • Support for tampering alarm
Price: $299.00