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iPhone Compatible CCTV DVR Systems

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PC-Based Security DVR Systems
with iPhone Support

PC based security DVRs are specially engineered, high performance computers with a DVR video capture card
installed to allow the PC to receive and record digital video feeds from your security cameras.

We use only the best computer components to build our DVRs. Our PC-based security DVRs use Geovision
DVR capture cards and Windows 7 operating systems for maximum stability so you capture the
critical details when you need them.

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4 Channel DVR
4 Channel DVR
Starting at $945.00
8 Channel DVR
8 Channel DVR
Starting at $1199.00
16 Channel DVR
16 Channel DVR
Starting at $1599.00
32 Channel DVR
32 Channel DVR
Starting at $3999.00
GeoVision DVR
GeoVision DVR
Starting at $945.00

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can build what you need! Learn about our fully customized DVR systems!

Check out some of our iPhone / smartphone compatible cameras and DVR systems:

standalone security dvr
iPhone-Compatible Standalone Security DVR Recorders
Starting at $129.00
4-Camera | 8 / 9-Camera | 16-Camera
Mobile and Mini Security DVR
Vivotek IP Camera
Vivotek iPhone-Enabled IP Cameras
Starting at $279.00
GeoVision IP Camera
GeoVision iPhone-Enabled IP Cameras
Starting at $129.00
GeoVision Security DVR Cards
GeoVision Security DVR Cards
Starting at $109.00
GV-600 | GV-650 | GV-800
GV-1120 | GV-1240 | GV-1480
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PC based security DVRs are high performance desktop computers that are specially built with top of the line PC components and a pre-installed DVR card to handle the rigorous demands of reliably monitoring your property. PC DVRs are more versatile than standalone units as they can easily be converted into a hyrid system and record video from IP cameras, use a NAS storage device for long-term video archiving, and scales with your needs as they grow.