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HD CCTV / HDCCTV Security Cameras

Apex CCTV offers the latest selection of HD-SDI / HD CCTV Cameras.
HD CCTV technology provides a solution that fulfills the demand of megapixel resolution video feeds over coaxial cabling. This places HDCCTV Cameras in a unique position in that you can upgrade your existing analog Security CCTV system using your existing coaxial infrastructure to megapixel camera quality without paying IP camera prices. These cameras combined with a HD CCTV Standalone DVR or GV-SDI-204 for your existing PC based security DVR will give you the high resolution video images your locations require at analog pricing.
Apex CCTV offers the latest HD CCTV cameras that you won’t find anywhere else on the market and our wide selection will suit your needs no matter the application.
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