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High Definition Network IP Cameras

IP security cameras differ from their analog counterparts by transmitting their video footage over a high-speed ethernet network to provide real-time, high definition video monitoring. IP cameras provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for your video security system needs. Our large selection of network IP cameras are feature rich and easy to use while allowing video to be monitored remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or on a remote PC by logging in through a web browser like Internet Explorer. Megapixel IP security cameras now offer some of the highest resolutions available and can be easily integrated into a home or office network.

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Free Network Video Recorder (NVR) Software Included With all VIVOTEK & GEOVISION IP Cameras
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Why Should You Consider IP Cameras?

IP or Network cameras offer the latest in video security technology, but many people still prefer analog camera solutions. Here are some reasons why IP/Network cameras should be considered over analog cameras:

  1. IP cameras are easy to use. Can you use a computer mouse/keyboard? If so, then you can manage IP camera software.

  2. IP cameras offer higher resolution than analog cameras. IP cameras are digital end to end. Megapixel IP cameras give you high resolutions images at up to 30 frames per second (real-time video).

  3. Cable cost for IP cameras is lower than that for analog cameras. Analog cameras can require up to 4 cables - video, audio, power, and/or data for each camera. IP cameras however can use single CAT5 cable for all 4. In most cases, network cable is probably already wired throughout your building (for the existing network that is in place).

  4. IP video systems can be easily set up to store video at multiple remote locations for security against disasters and/or theft.

  5. IP data travels exactly like computer data. Just as computers communicate with each other from anywhere in the world via the Internet, a camera can be across the hall or across the world when communicating with the recorder.

  6. IP video provides crisp resolution for every frame enabling effective recorded video/images for investigative purposes.

  7. IP cameras tend to be a lower total cost of ownership considering that IP/Network video can use your existing cabling, computer, and network. The cost of installation can also be less compared to an analog system.

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