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High Definition IP Security Cameras

IP cameras transmit true HD video footage over a high-speed Ethernet network to provide real-time, crystal clear video monitoring. Network IP cameras provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for your video security system needs. Our large selection of network security cameras are feature rich and easy to use while allowing video to be monitored remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or remote PC by logging in through a web browser like Internet Explorer. Megapixel IP security cameras now offer some of the highest resolutions available and can be easily integrated into your existing home or office Ethernet network.

ApexCCTV is an authorized distributor of GeoVision, Vivotek, D-Link, Axis, and Veilux IP Cameras and you can shop our extensive network camera lines by clicking on the brands below. All of our Vivotek & GeoVision IP Cameras come with free 32-CH NVR software included in the packaging.

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POE Compatible Cameras
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Why Should You Choose IP Cameras over Analog?

Network IP cameras have many advantages over traditional analog security cameras with the most obvious of which being their significantly higher video resolution which allows you to capture more area per camera and zoom in to enhance minor details. The software user interfaces are versatile, highly customizable, and easy-to-use with robust features that simply aren't available for analog cameras.

Despite their higher individual price tag, IP camera systems have a lower total cost of ownership as a single network camera can cover the same amount of area where multiple analog cameras were needed. They are also able to transmit video, power, and audio through a single ethernet cable, which may already be installed in your building, which helps reduce cost and installation time. IP cameras can also send real-time alerts to your smartphone or e-mail account to help speed up security team response time to incidents in your building.

How to Configure an IP Camera

This how-to video shows you the process for configuring the IP cameras in your system and how to avoid some common mistakes that happen along the way. This video covers initial configuration, setting up port forwarding rules, and IP camera mapping.