16 Channel CCTV DVRs

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16-Camera Standalone Security DVRs

Our 16 channel CCTV DVRs are best suited to be used in schools, large retail stores, warehouses, and large commercial environments. All of our security DVRs support remote viewing and control from your iOS / Android smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Our 16 camera standalone DVRs feature motion activated recording and H.264 video compression to maximize the storage in your video archive, 30fps recording and playback across all 16 channels, and multiple storage backup options which include local USB flash drive and built-in optical drives.

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16 CH Standalone Security DVR - iPhone & Android Compatible

Part #: AP-F16
Regular Price: $585.00
 On Sale For: $369.00 

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16 Channel H.264 1080p HD Stand-Alone Security DVR
  • Select a Hard Drive
  • iPhone/Smartphone Enabled
  • Mac Client
  • 16 Camera Inputs
  • Central Monitoring Software
  • 480 FPS Display
  • 480 FPS Recording
  • Internet Enabled
  • USB Backup / CD/DVD Burner
  • H.264
  • Supports Mirror Hard Drives
  • 2-Year Warranty
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Part #: AP-FDHD16
Regular Price: $995.00
 On Sale For: $599.00 

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16 Channel H.264 Standalone DVR

Part #: AP-7316
Price: $1,295.00 
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