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4-Camera Security DVR
Starting at $465.99

8-Camera Security DVR
Starting at $1,900.18

16-Camera Security DVR
Starting at $2,909.71

32-Camera Security DVR
Starting at $6,390.27

Tower DVR Systems
Starting at $1,388.51

Rackmount DVR Systems
Starting at $2,185.47

DVR Card & Camera Packages
Starting at $1,040.81

Quality Control Is Our # 1 Priority

The ApexCCTV Difference starts off on each DVR build by using only name brand components from companies you know and trust, such as Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, Kingston, and GeoVision. We do not use cheap or substandard parts.

Each system is hand-built by a seasoned technician in our state-of-the-art production facility. A second technician performs a 72-point inspection of the system to ensure that all hardware and software configuration settings are correct. The system is then attached to its maximum number of cameras, and placed on a bench for a 24-hour burn-in/testing time. A final quality control check is performed at the end of the burn-in period so when you receive your DVR, it is ready to go right out of the box fully configured.

Free, lifetime knowledgeable technical support is available for questions that you may have after receiving your surveillance system. Please review our Store Policy.

We have 2,658 positive feedbacks on our EBay store. Buy with confidence and rest assured that you will receive a professionally-built DVR and the best, free lifetime technical support. Experience the ApexCCTV Difference today!

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