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4 Channel Security DVR, H.264, 120fps, iOS / Android Ready

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Reviewed by on 06/03/2014
2.0 Stars
Tech Level: High - Time Owned: About a week

Pros: Small, quiet. Basic functions work out of the box with no configuration.

Cons: The manual is horribly written/translated. It has nothing to do with your tech level. I'm a professional systems administrator, and this is just ridiculous. The bundled software is on a business-card sized CD that won't work in a slot-loading drive. The CD is not in English. Finding the correct software on the disc was tedious, though eventually possible. There is an ActiveX control for viewing in IE. There is also a Windows client. Neither of these will successfully download the recorded video files. The ActiveX version won't even playback the full video stream. The client version won't save your setup, so you have to add the DVR details every single time you run the software. You cannot configure the device over the network in any way. The iOS app for the DVR won't connect to it.

Other Thoughts: Basically, if you don't need network access, then this product is simply ok. If you do need network access, you should look else where. You will need a monitor and mouse connected at all times to be useful. A third party iOS/Android app (IP Cam Viewer) *can* interface over the Network if you set up the DVR as an "A.V. Sistemi 61xx". But it can access only the live stream, not the recorded files. Recorded files can be offloaded only from a USB stick on the DVR itself. Bottom line: this is a very cheap DVR that behaves accordingly.

4 Channel H.264 Security DVR
Reviewed by on 09/13/2012
5.0 Stars
Tech Level: Average - Time Owned: About a month

Pros: The hard drive in my DVR went bad in about 5 months. So I sent it back to ApexCCTV. They repaired it and sent it back to me and it works better than it did when I first bought it. Its a good DVR. I just wish I had bought one that takes eight cameras, instead just four. I would like to say that everybody has treated me nice at ApexCCTV so far.

Cons: They need a better manual. It tells how to operate most of the features on the DVR. It just does not tell you how to hook your H.264 DVR to a computer or how to up load what you are seeing on your monitor to a DVD. I am no computer or DVR genius. I just bought their product because I was told by other people in was a reliable place to buy one.

Other Thoughts: Now if I could just find some way or somebody to tell me how to make a movie on what I am recording and unload it from my DVR to a DVD. I WOULD BE SET FOR LIFE. If you can't put these criminals on a DVD to show some judge. You have wasted your money buying this stuff.

AP-604 H.264 DVR
Reviewed by on 06/17/2012
5.0 Stars
Tech Level: High - Time Owned: About a month

Pros: Excellent 4 Channel DVR. Good buy for the money. Have purchased several 4 and 8 channel DVR's of this series that we have installed at various customer's locations.

They work well and are accessible via the Internet via the customer IPhones.

Cons: None

Works good
Reviewed by on 04/05/2012
5.0 Stars
Tech Level: High - Time Owned: About a month

Pros: Works good. Software on PC installs and works good.

Cons: Getting phone setup for viewing takes a bit of work, but just keep trying.

Other Thoughts: Picked up an 8 channel to replace an older 4 channel, and I use the same software to view both

DVR AP-604
Reviewed by on 04/02/2012
5.0 Stars
Tech Level: Somewhat high  - Time Owned: About a week

Pros: Easy to configured and setup excelente price and my customer can see on internet and smartphone

Cons: non

Other Thoughts: brand maybee need to rrewrite the manual.

Part #: AP-604


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The AP-604 is a 4 channel security DVR that comes with many advanced recording features such as motion detection, Triplex operation, and remote viewing so you can view your video security system on your iOS / Android smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The two USB slots allow you to have local backup storage via a USB flash drive and to use the included USB mouse.

The H.264 video compression encoding allows for the highest quality video while maximizing your HDD storage space so you're able to store more footage in your video archive. This 4-CH security DVR supports up to 4TBs of total HDD storage space and, depending on your application & settings, can store over a month's worth of video footage at one time.

This flexible digital video recorder offers multiple recording modes which lets you tailor your recording settings based on the demands of the camera's location. Choose from motion detection, continuous, pre-set schedule, or manual recording for each camera. Continuous, 24/7 monitoring has its advantages, but designating a recording schedule or selecting motion detection recording will make better use of your security DVR's storage and ensure you record the details that matter.

Key Security DVR Features

  • Remote Viewing : Check in from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, tablet, or remote PC.
  • H.264 Video Compression : Get the most out of your hard drive and store more video in your archive.
  • Real-Time Monitoring : Capture smooth, 30fps video across all four channels.
  • Multiple Recording Modes : Configure this security DVR to record on motion, continuously, on a schedule, or manually.
  • HDMI Video Output : View your video feeds on an HD monitor or TV via an HDMI cable.

Central Management Software

The AP-604 CCTV DVR comes with free central monitoring software included in the packaging which allows you to remotely manage multiple security systems at multiple locations from a single interface at a central location. This software allows you to manage up to 64 cameras via an internet-connected PC. The user-friendly software interface is packed with many advanced monitoring features that offer robust management and monitoring options.

AP-604 Central Management Software Screenshot

CCTV DVR Demo Videos

Security DVR Frames per Second (FPS) Comparison Video Demo

This video demonstrates the smoothness of each FPS setting on your CCTV DVR. The human eye sees the world at 30fps which is why it's the widely accepted frames per second for real-time monitoring. Reducing this setting is a more efficient use of your HDD storage space, but will degrade the video quality accordingly.

How to Connect Security Cameras and Power Supplies to Your CCTV DVR

This video gives a comprehensive overview on how to connect your security cameras, cable kits, and power supplies to your DVR so you can install a complete security system yourself.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x AP-604 4CH Security DVR
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Software Disc
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Mouse
  • 1x Remote
  • 4x HDD Mounting Screws
  • 1x SATA HDD Cable
  • Hard drive not included

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