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GeoVision Releases Version 8.5.4
Posted by Justin Crothers on 12 April 2012 02:02 PM
GeoVision 8.5.4 released

GeoVision has released GeoVision 8.5.4 and it is now available for download from our site located at

The changelog is listed below and can be viewed at GeoVision's website



  • Support for GV-5016 Card
  • Support for GV-Combo B Cards (1120B / 1240B / 1480B)
  • Support for GV-SD200 / GV-SD200-S IP Speed Dome


  • Main System
    • Failure to renew username after logging out from Remote DVR of Control Center
    • Failure to deny access to System Configure settings using F9 shortcut key when access privilege is not granted
    • Failure to record events during DST using GV-Combo A cards when frame rate limit is set
    • System failure after setting privacy mask using Hebrew, Arabic and Persian OS
    • Occasional crash when using Report Generator
    • Incorrect display of event time when recording is resumed after network interruption
    • Inability to save modifications made to Camera Popup settings after GV-System restarts
    • Inability to save modifications made to POS Field Filter settings
    • Unavailability of the talk back function from GV-System (V8200) to Center V2
  • Remote Applications
    • File storage issue in which snapshots of bmp format cannot be stored through WebCam Server
    • Execution problem of Multi View program, which is downloaded through WebCam Server, in the 1280 x 1024 view mode from its desktop icon
    • Multi View program failure when 1280 x 1024 view mode is used and the required working memory exceeds 2.8 GB
    • Update failure of access rights settings from GV-System to GV-AView mobile application
  • ViewLog
    • Reversed image when playing back videos recorded by V8.2 GV-System using D1 / VGA resolution and H.264 codec
    • Failure to enlarge smaller screen divisions in 10-channel view after clicking the camera view


  • Main System:
    • Support for email notifications in text-only format when Webcam Server is enabled
    • Automatic connection retries of GV-System to GV-Backup Server when connection fails
  • E-Map
    • Support for View Zone to show monitored area of the device
    • Support for setting Polygonal Map to quickly locate the area of the triggered device
  • ViewLog
    • Support for setting event search limit for power users and users
    • Support for searching events based on I/O trigger using MDB Filter
    • Support for instant playback in full screen mode
  • MultiView
    • Support for dual-stream display from GV IP cameras, GV-Video Gateway and GV-Video Recording hosts
  • Center V2
    • Motion detection sensitivity in which a minimum duration can be configured to minimize false motion alerts to Center V2
    • Motion notification attachment that can include pre and post recording of up to 15 min.


  • Content of GV-USB Dongle will now be removed after downgrading

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