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Posted by Justin Crothers on 08 August 2012 04:42 AM

Download GeoVision v8.5.5.0 here:


A link to the changelog on GeoVision's U.S. website can be found below:




  • Support for GV-SDI-204 Video Capture Cards
  • GV-Skype Video Utility to receive text and video notifications using Skype account
  • Support for activating VSM by schedule
  • Support for remotely backing up GV-System files to GV-Backup Center
  • Support for dewarping of 3rd party fisheye cameras through RTSP, ONVIF or PSIA connection
  • Support for ACTi TCM-5111
  • Support for Arecont Vision AV-20185DN
  • Support for GeoVision GV-CA120, GV-CA220, GV-CAW120, GV-CAW220, GV-BX1200 Series, GV-BX1300 Series, GV-BX2400 Series, GV-BX3400 Series, GV-BX5300, GV-BL1210, GV-BL2410, GV-BL3410, GV-SD220, GV-VS14, GV-Hybrid LPR Cam 10M


  • Main System
    • Delay in any-angle PTZ movement when controlling GV-SD200 using GV-Joystick
    • Incorrectly displaying Keep Days as disabled after enabling the function
    • Incorrect display of Auto Login user name under Traditional Chinese OS
    • Failure to apply frame rate settings under Day and Night Mode
  • ViewLog
    • Failure to include audio data when merging recorded files in Remote ViewLog
    • GV-Keyboard's failure to bring up the corresponding ViewLog of the Matrix
    • Failure to load event list of a second camera in ViewLog when the event time of the first camera selected is unavailable in the second camera
    • Occasional failure to merge and save large numbers of recorded files in AVI format
  • WebCam Server and Remote Applications
    • Horizontally flipped live view when accessing fisheye camera using WebCam Server
    • Failure to receive live view from GV-Video Gateway when default screen division is set to 32 channels in Multi View
    • Failure of Multi View to display live view of more than 4 channels from GV-Compact DVR
    • Inability to remotely play back recordings with 2560 x 1920 resolution and JPEG codec from GV-AView mobile application
    • Possible failure of DDNS Service to update the dynamic IP address (Center V2, VSM, Dispatch Server, Twin DVR & SMS Server)
    • Display error on the subscriber list of Center V2 main window in which the host icons disappear when the hosts do not have a device name
    • Display error on Record dialog box where the Recycle function is shown as enabled after being disabled (Center V2)
    • Possible failure of snapshot function with EZ player (Center V2)
    • Abnormal live view display from GV-Compact DVR and GV-Video Server when the resolution is set to D1 (704 x 480 or 704 x 576) using JPEG codec (Center V2 & GV-GIS)
    • Problem with any-angle PTZ movement through WebCam Server when controlling GV-SD200 and any third-party cameras using ONVIF


  • Main System:
    • Added Easy Mode in Panorama View to stitch multiple camera views without overlapping areas
    • Enhanced defog function to reduce CPU and memory loading
    • Added Single Camera Tracking function for GV-SD200 (one GV-SD200 only)
    • Added support for Intel Ivy Bridge GPU decoding for 1-3M IP Cameras (32 / 64-bit Windows 7 and 32-bit Windows Vista only)
    • Support for dual stream, PTZ auto pan, cruise and sequence functions when GV-SD200 is connected to GV-System
    • Support up to 256 PTZ preset points through ONVIF connection
    • Support for simultaneous zoom and pan through ONVIF using GV-Joystick
  • ViewLog
    • Added ViewLog Idle Protection function
    • Added Smooth Playback to improve the smoothness of video playback in ViewLog
    • Added 2 new maps for GPS Tracks Playback (Google Map V3 and OpenStreetMap)
  • Remote Applications
    • Support for watermark imprinting and authenticity checking of recorded videos (Center V2)
    • User-configurable display of event tabs on multiple monitors (for Center V2 Profession version only)
    • Motion detection sensitivity in which a minimum duration can be set up to minimize false motion alerts to VSM
    • Support for object counting alarm with which the VSM can be notified when the object count exceeds the specified value
    • Support for printing of the event message dialog box (Center V2 & VSM)
    • Support for DDNS service to update dynamic IP address from router through UPnP


  • GV-System no longer overrides the codec and resolution of the connected IP cameras

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