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Posted by Edward Jagaczewski on 06 February 2013 10:34 AM

Download GeoVision v8.5.6.0 here:

A link to the current changelog on GeoVision's U.S. website can be found below:

For an installation guide, please click the following link :

You may also locate the 8.5.6 manual here :

And for a new features guide, please follow the link below :


  • Main System
    • Support for AVP functions without USB Dongle
    • Quad view and live view upon request from a remote device in GV-Skype Video Utility
    • Minimum duration function for Advanced Motion Detection
    • PAP and PIP function in Panorama View
    • Support for 32 kHz / 16 bit audio codec in GV-NVR System, GV-5016, GV-4008, GV-4008A, GV-900A, GV-800B / 650B / 600B, GV-1480A / 1240A / 1120A Combo A and GV-1480B / 1240B / 1120B Combo B Cards
    • Support for installing GV-SDI-204 with GV-5016, GV-4008 and GV-1480B / 1240B / 1120B Combo Cards
    • Support for Sony IP Cameras: SNC-EP521 and SNC-ER580
    • Support for Sony SNC-ZR550, SNC-ZB550, and MESSOA NCB855PRO through ONVIF connection
    • Center V2 notification schedule with which notifications are only sent to Center V2 when events occur within the specified times
    • VSM notification schedule with which notifications are only sent to VSM when events occur within the specified times
  • WebCam Server
    • Support for live view display, PTZ control, event query and remote playback on Chrome, Safari and Firefox
    • Support for live view display, PTZ control and playback using the browser on Android devices.
    • Support for live view display and PTZ control using the browser on iPhone and iPad
    • Support for up to 10 full-screen remote live view display, each on a designated monitor
  • Center V2
    • Event recording length settings of Video Analytics events to Center V2


  • Main System
    • Problems with single camera tracking when more than one GV-SD200 is connected
    • Occasional GV-System crash when multiple GV-SD200s are connected
    • I/O control problems when connecting nine 16-port GV-I/O Box
    • Occasional I/O error after connecting to GV-Net I/O Card through GV-800B card for a prolonged period of time
    • PTZ problems when connecting more than one Canon VCC4 PTZ
    • Compatibility issues with playing back videos from Mobotix IP cameras by disabling standard codec for Mobotix IP cameras
    • Failure to record more than one video file from IP cameras when set to motion detection mode in Day-Night Recording Mode
    • Problems with snapshot taken from Object Index function after changing screen division under H.264 codec
    • Video Analysis and Advanced Video Analysis events incorrectly labeled as Motion events in SMS notifications
    • Memory usage surge and GV-System crash when recording multiple channels with different recording quality under H.264 codec over a prolonged period of time
    • Failure to restrict remote access of live view from WebCam server when Remote View function is not selected in the Schedule settings
    • Audio Settings setting page missing after upgrading from V8.5.4 to V8.5.5 if no channel is enabled for audio recording
    • Unable to set recording resolution to CIF when Video Source is set to VGA De-interlace or D1 De-interlace
    • Face Count function failed to function after loading default with FBR settings
    • Failure to display analog camera views after disabling IP Camera Device in FBR Window
    • Failure to finish compacting videos
  • ViewLog
    • Failure to save merged video to DVD or CD using Nero
    • Shifted camera view after zooming in on CIF video with panel resolution set to 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 1200, 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200
    • ViewLog crash when continuously switching between different view modes using Windows XP
    • Displaying incorrect camera view when switching between customized Multi Views and other single views
    • Failure to display more than 32 cameras in EZViewLog camera list
  • Center V2
    • Incorrect position of the main window that it stays at the top when it is not configured to be always on top and when the EZ Player window is activated
    • Possibility of disruption in record time settings (Max. Video Clip) for I/O trigger events when importing subscriber Address Book information to Center V2


  • Main System:
    • Support for 32 channels of Defog function
    • Support for defining up to 16 cameras and I/O in E-Map Editor
    • Support for dewarping of fisheye view in Object Search
    • Support for combining exported revisions in MultiLang Tool
    • Support for additional recording frame rate options in GV-4008 and GV-5016
    • Support for GPU dewarping of fisheye view
    • Support for I/O control through LG LSW2010 and LG LW345
  • Remote E-Map
    • Support for automatic re-connection of Remote E-Map to GV-System without Connection Lost messages
  • Center V2 / VSM
    • Support for a duration threshold setting to be notified of Connection Lost event


  • End of support for GV-1008 and GV-1016 Cards
  • Object Index snapshots will now be captured from main stream only
  • Requiring only one port of 3rd party dongle to connect Arecont Surround Video Series Camera (with 4 lenses)
  • MPEG4 codec removed in sub stream and preview codec changed to H.264 (with GV-IP Cameras firmware V2.0 or later)



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