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Posted by Edward Jagaczewski on 20 March 2014 09:54 AM

Download GeoVision v8.5.9.0 here:


You may find a link to the updated Android application at :

For the iPhone application, see the following link :

A link to the current changelog on GeoVision's U.S. website can be found below:


  • Main System
    • Support for GV-Joystick V2
    • Support for the new POS device Infogenesis
    • Support for IP cameras: 
      • GeoVision GV-BL2500/2510, GV-BX2500, GV-FD2500/2510, GV-MFD2501, GV-VD1530/1540/2430/2440/2500/2530/2540/3430/3440/5340, GV-UBL2511, GV-EBX1100, GV-EBL1100 and GV-EFD1100 
      • Avigilon 1.0-H3M-DO1 (through ONVIF)
  • WebCam Server
    • Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • VSM
    • Support for GV-Recording Server (version 1.2.3 and later)


  • Main System
    • Recording failure when a recording schedule is enabled within one minute before the scheduled time for recording
    • Ineffective recording schedule (for Russian version only)
    • Automatic restart of GV-System when dewarping is enabled on a connected GV-FE110/111 (for Windows XP only)
    • Unrecognizable characters on “Change Code” function of an IP device on the IP Device Setup window (for Russian version only)
  • WebCam Server
    • Possible failure of WebCam Server when PCI DSS v. 2.0 is used
    • Sharp increase of GV-DVR/NVR’s CPU loading when the audio function and WebCam server are enabled
  • DMMultiView
    • Transfer failure of audio data when the audio function is enabled for more than 10 channels
  • ViewLog
    • Blurry image and incorrect display size when a smaller channel is switched to a larger channel in Multi View mode
    • Possible failure when the “Auto play next event” option is enabled for play settings and a unfinished segment (recording) is being played back
    • Failure of receiving more than 32 recordings from GV-Recording Server when the “Reload Database” function is enabled
    • Playback not smooth when GV-1120B or GV-1240B receives less than 16 channels
  • GV-IP Device Utility
    • Unrecognizable characters on the Change Device Name field during configuration (Russian version only)
  • GV-SDCardSync
    • Accumulated load to system RAM when GV-SDCardSync is executed over a period of time
  • Dispatch Server
    • System malfunctions when a connected Center V2 server is closed
    • Possible login failure of a Center V2 server when it resumes back to network and a large number of Center V2 clients are connected to the Dispatch Server
    • Possible startup delay over 5 minutes when a large number of subscribers are created
    • Frozen main screen when a large number of subscribers are connected to the Dispatch Server
    • Failure of importing and exporting the address book to its Center V2 servers
  • GV-Backup Center
    • Disconnection with GV-System when a file, which has not finished recording on GV-System, is being transferred to GV-Backup Center
  • GV-Backup Server
    • Failure of GV-Backup Server to automatically log in when it is set to automatically start up from GV-System
  • Others
    • Detection failure of a GV-Keyboard when its USB connector is re-plugged to the computer (for mcamctrl.exe)


  • Main System
    • Single View display for GV-Fisheye Cameras where the undewarpped view on the bottom-right corner can be hidden
    • Sharpness of live view (for users of GV-Combo B cards only)
  • ViewLog
    • Resolution options for storing dewarpped fisheye view where 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080 options are added


  • POS Text Sender
    • Automatic connection to GV-System when the “Autorun when Windows starts” function is enabled

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