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GeoVision Advanced Viewing Capabilities

This page was originally written to answer some common questions that we get regarding GeoVision products and software. Those common questions are:

  • What remote/advanced monitoring solutions are available for GeoVision DVRs and NVRs
  • How many monitors (as in physical PC monitors) are supported by each of those solutions
  • What are the basic features of those solutions?

GeoVision offers several excellent options for advanced viewing configurations. Both its free and enterprise offerings include quite a bit of flexibility that few competitors match anywhere near GeoVision’s price point.

Multi-View runs on multiple remote PCs, and can run directory on the a DVR as well.  It allows the definition of specific views that can be reopened at any time, and can support live feeds from multiple DVRs. This easy-to-use application can even be installed and configured through a Web browser.
Runs on: Multiple remote PCs
Monitors Available: 1per client.

Center V2
This solution runs on a single remote PC, and should not be run on a DVR itself.  This free version of the Center V2 software allows viewing of up to 80 cameras (42 simultaneous) from five GeoVision DVRs, NVRs, video servers or IP cameras. It does not allow definition of specific views, but uses the strategy of displaying cameras that are currently registering motion in order to minimize the number of feeds that someone watching has to keep track of. It also shows a real-time list of various events like video loss, motion detection, I/O module triggered, etc.
Runs on: Single remote PC
Monitors Available: 2 - Can show video fees on one screen and the scrolling event list on a 2nd monitor.

Center V2 Pro
This client viewing software can run on a single remote PC, or on many using dispatch server as a load balancing solution.  Center V2 Pro has the same behavior as Center V2, but allows integration with up to 800 camera feeds from 500 DVRs, NVRs, video servers, or IP cameras. It also is capable of integrating with Dispatch Server.
Runs on: Single or many remote PCs
Monitors Available: 2 - Can show video fees on one screen and the scrolling event list on a 2nd monitor.

Dispatch Server
Dispatch Server is a load-balancing solution for large-scale Center V2 Pro installations. It can integrate up to 25,000 DVRs, NVRs, video servers and IP cameras, and directs video feeds to an available Center V2 Pro station. It also can redirect feeds from a failed Center V2 Pro to one that is still up and running.
Requires: Center V2 Pro

Control Center
Control Center is an integrated master software suite capable of control your entire GeoVision installation.  It also includes control room viewing solutions for viewing hundreds or thousands of cameras effectively.  Each monitor can show feeds from up to 96 cameras simultaneously. There is also a central command component that can control views on other PCs in a control room, effectively allowing one person to control thousands of video feeds. This solution is useful for central monitoring solutions and command centers such as those found in large casinos and transit authorities.
Runs on: Single Remote PC
Monitors Available: 6 Matrix Views with 576 video channels total.

IP Matrix
This is a viewing only software soltuion for use in control room siutations, and is controlled remotely from the Control Center software.  It is built into GeoVision's system software starting with Version 8.3. Digital Matrix allows up to 96 cameras per monitor. It features two modes: Fixed position mode and event popup mode. In Fixed position mode, the cameras are shown all the time, on whichever monitor and view position the administrator chooses. In event popup mode, new cameras that have detected motion appear at the top left of the screen. They fill empty matrix positions from either left to right or top to bottom.
Requires: Control Center
Runs on: Many remote PCs
Monitors Available: 36 with up to 3456 video channels total.

Digital Matrixrix
This is a viewing solution that is built into GeoVision DVRs and NVRs starting with Version 8.3. It support various views configured on up to eight monitors physically connected to the PC running the DVR or NVR software.
Runs on: GeoVision DVR or NVR
Monitors Available: 8 monitors connected to the GeoVision DVR or NVR