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What is LUX?

Measuring Illumination: the Unit of Lux
If a candle is one foot away from an object, it gives one foot-candle of light illuminance onto the object. This is about 10 “lux,” and is an informal definition of lux. The unit of lux (illuminance value) tries to relate the actual energy per unit-area falling on a surface to what the human eye perceives
Direct sunlight 100,000 - 130,000 lux
Full daylight, indirect sunlight 10,000 - 20,000 lux
Overcast day 1,000 lux
Indoor office 200 - 400 lux
Very dark day 100 lux
Twilight 10 lux
Deep twilight 1 lux
Full moon 0.1 lux
Quarter moon 0.01 lux
Moonless clear night sky 0.001 lux
Moonless overcast night sky 0.0001 lux