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How to Configure GeoVision DVRs to Connect to Control Center

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This video shows you how to configure your Geovision DVR to connect to Control Center.


How to Configure GeoVision DVRs to Connect to Control Center

Good afternoon and welcome to ApexCCTV’s tutorial on how to configure GeoVision DVRs to allow incoming control center connections. I’m going to use control center to show you these settings. I’m going to start by right clicking on the DVR I want to configure and selecting Remote Desktop. You can also do this physically at the DVR with a mouse and keyboard. It should take a minute to connect. I have connected and this remote desktop application is similar to Windows remote desktop, GeoVision’s is a little bit more smoothed as it will only let you view as many frames per second as your connection can handle so your mouse isn’t bogged down with bitmap caching.

All we need to do is go down to the bottom of the screen and click on our menu and open our control center service. I’ll show you briefly, we are running all four services, this is the main control center service and allows for virtually everything, it allows us to view the video matrix, IO control panels, remote DVR control center etc.

The second Icon is for remote view log, this is just to allow software connection to view video logs without having to be at the physical DVR, remote desktop is the feature I’m using now to connect to the DVR and of course the bandwidth control service just manages bandwidth in and out of the system from various client so they all get the fair share of their connection speed.

In order to configure our default connection services, it’s under the configure menu and click on set default service. It’ll ask me for a username and password since I‘m not logged in as an administrator. This dialogue controls which services will start whenever the DVR is rebooted from Windows. We have all four, control center, remote view, remote desktop, and bandwidth control. I prefer to leave them all on, and since they are all set the way I want I’ll hit cancel, if you are setting this for the first time you’d click OK. That’s it were all done.

Thank you for watching this video tutorial from ApexCCTV

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