Router Default Gateway, or IP Address

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Networking Guide: Part 2 - Finding Your Router’s IP Address, or Default Gateway

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Part 2 of our Networking Guide demonstrates the process of finding your network's default gateway, which will also be the router’s IP address.


Networking Guide: Part 2 - Finding Your Router’s IP Address, or Default Gateway

Good afternoon and welcome back to our training video series on basic CCTV networking. Today we will be covering how to find your routers IP address. If you saw the introduction to the series you’ll be familiar with our support site, if not you can go to and downloads and the 6th link, Generic Networking Guides, covers just about everything you’d need to know about CCTV port forwarding. If you browse to that site, or follow me on the video, you can go to the table of contents and go to information gathering checklist and today we’ll be covering the first item.

Your routers internal IP address is something you need to login to your router. The simplest way to find this is with the command prompt. For vista, if you click on start its usually on the menu, or you can go under programs under accessories, or I prefer to type “cmd” into the search bar and it pulls the command prompt up. You need to type “ipconfig /all” and hit enter, and you’ll get a list of all the networking information that your PCis aware of.

You’ll be looking for the information block, Wireless Network Adaptor or Ethernet Adapter or Local Area Connection something like that, but it’ll look like the busiest and most populated section. Sometimes you may have multiple entries, typically the information from your Subnet Mask to your WINS servers are going to be the same. That is the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, SMS servers, and the WINS servers typically will be the same across the network connection.

The piece of information we are looking for right now is the Default Gateway, almost without reservation or exception, it is going to be the IP address for your router. If you are on the LAN and open a browser visit this IP address and you can log into your router and dig up excess information you need or make any changes. If this default gateway is not something you can log into just by typing in that IP address, you’ll need to get a hold of your customer’s network administrator. In the CCTV industry this is very likely a 3rd party contractor so the owner of the business will likely have to call corporate headquarters or a 3rd party contractor they hired to make these kinds of changes to get that kind of information. So again what you’ll want to ask for is how do I log into the router to make configuration changes, hopefully they’ll be able to give you the information, if not they‘ll have to do it for you. So you’ll want to go through the rest of the video tutorials to gather all the information you can to make the task as easy as possible for them. Again if you do ipconfig /all and then look for the default gateway, 9 times out of 10 that’s going to be the information you require.

This has been ApexCCTV’s training video on finding you default gateway and your routers internal ip address. Have a great day.

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