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Video Balun Transceiver Specifications 4 Ch Passive (or 3 Ch Video + 1 Ch Data) Video: DC-6Mhz Common-Mode Frequency Response / 15Khz 6 Mhz 60 dB Differential-mode Rejection Audio/Data: Yes Power: No Impedance: Coax, Male BNC...

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Video Baluns

Video baluns are an excellent choice for long cable runs. Standard coaxial cable is usually the best medium for transmitting video, but video over those runs is limited to about 600 feet before the quality degrades. CCTV video baluns allow signal to travel over Cat5E cable for several thousand feet. There are 2 types of CCTV baluns, passive video baluns and active video baluns. A passive video balun can send video up to 1,000 - 1,200 Ft. away and an active video balun can extend that range to 4,000 feet, but only with external DC power. 


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What is a video balun?

UTP baluns are cable connector devices that allow you to use ethernet cable, instead of coaxial cable, to transmit analog video footage.

Why would you need to use baluns?

There are a few reasons why you would need to make use of video baluns in your cable runs. Firstly, the length of a cable run has a direct effect on video quality. Your video feed is little more than an electrical signal being sent over the wire. Since cables aren’t perfectly insulated and loss is guaranteed, the longer the cable run is the more your video quality will degrade. And since coaxial cable is rated to roughly 600 feet, you’ll need to use baluns and ethernet cable for longer cable runs to prevent video degradation.


CCTV baluns are also a great way to save money since 1) Cat5 cable is lighter than coaxial cable and easier to pull for long runs, 2) you can use up to 4 baluns on a single ethernet cable since it only uses one pair of twisted cables, and 3) you can also send power over the cable with an active balun so you don’t have to run additional power lines to cameras.

Active vs Passive CCTV Video Baluns

There are two types of baluns, passive and active or non-powered and powered. The primary difference between the two is how far they can transmit video without signal loss. Passive video baluns have a shorter run length of ~1,000 feet since they lack a power source. As such, active video baluns can safely transmit video up to ~3,000 - ~5,000 feet depending on the model and power source.

Using Video Baluns in a Video Security System


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