Video Decoders


GeoVision GV-IP Decoder Box Plus


GeoVision GV IP Decoder Box Plus - Decode up to 64 IP streams, support for 10/100/1000 Ethernet over LAN The GV-IP Decoder Box Plus is designed to decode incoming IP streams from GeoVision and third-party IP devices, and to serve as a medium for...

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Hikvision DS-6401HDI T 1 CH Decoder


Hikvision DS-6401HDI-T 1 CH Decoder he 1-channel DS-6401HDI-T High Definition Video Decoder from Hikvision features a Netra processor that allows it to decode videos for up to 5MP resolution. It also supports obtaining of the stream...

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Idis DD-1216 Video Decoder

DirectIP» 16-Channel Decoder, Supports HDMI, Supports H.264/H.625, Up to 480ips, Total throughput 50Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet x1, VGA, CVBS port, Up to 4cH 4K display, Up to 16ch real-time display

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