Most Common Types of Retail Crime & How to Stop Them

Oct 8th 2018

The retail industry lost nearly $30 billion last year to retail crime and most retailers are reporting that they're experiencing more losses than the previous year. This isn’t just due to rampant unchecked shoplifting either. There are organized retail crime rings that steal millions of dollars’ worth of product from retail stores across the world. Whether the product is stolen at a distribution hub, in transit, or at the store itself, the losses keep growing and these retail crimes
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6 Home Security Tips to Protect Your Home

Oct 2nd 2018

There are nearly 2 million burglaries a year in the United States which means that 1 in every 36 homes is robbed each year. According to the FBI, a burglary happens once every 20 seconds. We aren’t trying to make you uncomfortable in your own home, but it’s more vulnerable than you think. Especially if you haven’t taken steps to protect your home. You don’t need to steel security doors, shatterproof glass windows, or iron bars over your windows to secure your home. Burglars wan
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How does a Fisheye Camera Lens Work?

Sep 26th 2018

Fisheye Cameras & How They Work To some, a fisheye lens is little more than a mobile phone app used to make friends' faces appear distorted. While adding a fisheye filter to photos can be fun and entertaining, there are many uses for a fisheye camera lens; some which are more serious. Fisheye lenses work by creating an all-encompassing, panoramic, or wide angle view. It is the far-range spectrum that gives photos the altered view, and makes it an advantageous lens for different applicati
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Computer Security Tips & Protecting Your Information Online

Sep 25th 2018

Preventing Hackers & Scammers From Stealing Your Personal Information The ever-forward momentum of computer technology delivers an interesting challenge: computer safety and Internet privacy. Keeping a computer system and all of its underlying components running smoothly requires a stealth hand and more than a passing knowledge of computer security. Email fraud, password strength and safe Internet browsing each contribute to the overall well-being of a computer system and its user's private
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Differences Between Standalone & PC DVR Camera Systems

Sep 24th 2018

Is a Standalone or PC Based System Right For You? Whether you are shopping for a security surveillance system for your home or business, you need to know the difference between standalone DVR packages and PC-based DVR packages. A security surveillance system consists of video surveillance cameras that feed into a recorder. It used to be that the camera images would be recorded onto video tapes; today, we use DVR technology. Which DVR security package is best for your surveillance needs? Let’s
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