Cat5 Wiring Diagram & Cat 5 Cable Installation

Jan 9th 2019

Cat5 Wiring Diagram & Cat 5 Cable Installation Pre-cut Cat5 cable kits don't always fit your needs and they're significantly more expensive than buying a spool and installing the connectors yourself. Making your own Cat5 cables is far easier than you may think and all you need are a few things. Equipment List Cat5 cable spool (500' or 1000') RJ45 connectors Cable stripper RJ45 crimper Cat5 cable diagram Cat5 Wire Diagrams There are two types of Cat5 cable you'll
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Difference Between Analog DVRs, Hybrid DVRs, & Tribrid DVRs

Dec 6th 2018

Difference Between Analog DVRs, Hybrid DVRs, & Tribrid DVRs There used to only be one kind of DVR, but as surveillance technology has advanced and multiple types of CCTV video signals have been developed, DVRs have advanced as well. You used to only have analog DVRs. Now there are hybrid DVRs, Tribrid DVRs, and even Pentabrid DVRs. The latter are pretty rare right now since they’re still developing the technology. However, knowing the differences between analog DVRs, hybrid DVRs
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IP Ratings for Surveillance Cameras

Dec 3rd 2018

What are IP ratings for surveillance cameras? Outdoor surveillance cameras have an IP rating that is used to notate the camera housing’s level of protection against the elements. The IP rating is also known as its IP code, International Protection Rating, or the Ingress Protection Rating. This rating includes “IP” and is followed by two digits. This rating will tell you everything you need to know about where you can, and can’t, install a security camera. What does the IP rating me
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The Differences Between Analog, HDTVI, & IP Security Cameras

Nov 29th 2018

The Differences Between Analog, HDTVI, & IP Security Cameras There's a ton of security equipment you can use to protect your property and it can be difficult to choose the right type. Surveillance technology has come a long way and advances are made every year that push the industry to a new height. However, this can be daunting if you’re on the outside looking in which is why we’re going to explain the difference between analog, HD-TVI, and IP cameras to help you find the  CCTV e
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Different Types of Security Cameras

Nov 20th 2018

Different Types of Security Cameras Choosing the right security camera to monitor your location may sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. (It's a camera, how hard can it be?) But when you start getting into it and you see how many options there are, it can get real overwhelming real quick. To make things easier on yourself, learn about the most popular types of security cameras to get a basic understanding of what all's out there. Once you have your feed under you, picking the righ
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