Benefits of High Definition Security Cameras

Apr 25th 2019

Video resolution and video feed clarity are everything when it comes to security cameras. Their whole job is to monitor your property, deter crime, and capture video footage to be used later. What good are they if they can’t capture clear, smooth video? Don’t skimp when it comes to getting quality CCTV cameras to protect your home or office.

When we’re making recommendations to a client, high definition security cameras are at the top of the list. Even if you have camera system in place, it may be time to upgrade if it’s more than 3 years old.


There are many benefits to having HD cameras in your home or office, but these advantages are definitely the most important.

Crystal clear video

Being able to capture clear video is very important since those videos can be used as evidence if your home or business is broken into. If your video feeds are fuzzy and jerky because you’re still using analog cameras, that evidence may be worthless. We’ve even had previous clients come back to upgrade their old cameras because something happened at their location and the police wouldn’t even look at their video because the cameras were so old.

Surveillance camera video resolution has come a long way in the past few years and high definition security cameras start at 1080p. This puts them at 1920x1080 video resolution and on par with broadcast TV video quality. These cameras used to be very expensive a few years ago, but they’re entry level for today’s security systems.

Larger coverage area

HD cameras are capable of recording at higher resolutions which means that they’re able to monitor a wider area. This lets you use fewer cameras to cover the same amount of area that you would need more lower resolutions cameras to keep tabs on. What that translates to is a lower total cost of ownership. If you can use one $200 camera to monitor an area instead of 4 $60 cameras, it’s cheaper to go with that "more expensive" camera.

Supports nearly endless expansion

IP cameras, the industry standard for HD cameras, offer far superior expandability when compared to their analog counterparts. With analog cameras, you’re limited by the number of channels on your security DVR. If you have a 4 channel DVR, you can only ever have 4 cameras no matter what you do. You’d have to buy a more expensive DVR if you need to add more cameras to your system.

When it comes to IP cameras, your system can be as large or as small as you want it to be.

IP camera systems depend on their NVR software and a network’s bandwidth. As long as your software supports the number of cameras in your system and your network has enough bandwidth to transmit video from the cameras to your NVR, you’re good to go. This is why we always recommend a PC or server-based NVR over standalone models.

You may only need 8 cameras today, but if you ever need to expand, all you’d have to do is buy / install the cameras and map them in your software.

Captures every detail, all the time

Megapixel cameras capture millions of pixels in a single image which is far more than the hundreds of thousands by an analog camera. This means that not only are you recording more area in the video, you’re able to make out smaller details that were otherwise obscured, or completely missed, by an analog camera.

That makes IP cameras especially useful since they’ll capture very detail, every time which is invaluable when providing video evidence to police if your car was broken into, your home was vandalized, or your system recorded someone being assaulted.

Porch pirates have become an epidemic in the last few years. Having an HD camera on your porch or on the front of your house can not only capture the thief’s face on camera, it can also record their vehicle and their license plate number which can help police catch them and recover your stolen property.


That may be a bit grand of a statement, but IP cameras are the future of high definition video surveillance and will be for years to come. There’s never been a better time to upgrade to high definition cameras than right now. They’re more affordable than ever before and easier to install and operate. If you’re still using an analog camera system, the difference between what you have and what’s available is night and day. Check out our line of IP camera systems that start at as low as $337!