Different Types of Video Display Connections in Video Security Systems

Sep 20th 2018

Different Types of Video Display Connections in Video Security Systems


This video explains the different types of connections that are utilized in the Security Surveillance Industry to send video signal between Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and different display devices.


Welcome to our training video. Today, we will be discussing the differences between VGA, BNC, RCA and RJ45 connectors. Most all CCTV equipment utilize at least one of these connectors, so it’s important to know the differences.

A VGA connection is used to transfer video from one device to another. For example, one might use a VGA cable to connect a monitor to a DVR like this. We have already connected our cable and power. The only thing left is to send our video signal to the monitor with the VGA cable.

Then BNC connector is a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable. In the video security industry, it is used for analog video connections from a camera to a TV monitor or DVR. This is an example of what a BNC connector looks like, how it simply snaps and locks and how it is used in the CCTV industry. This is how it looks. Now, let’s lock it into place on both this  CCTV camera and our test DVR. The BNC connector is ideal for quality and a good locking connection.

An RCA cable is another type of cable that is used for video or analog transmission. It is used for analog video connections from a DVR to a TV monitor. Normally, you will need a BNC to RCA adapter for the DVR connection. As you may know, the rolling you are seeing on the TV screen is normal for video taken of a standard TV monitor, so don’t pay attention to that. In summary, a DVR could have VGA output to connect to a PC or BNC output to connect to a TV monitor or an RCA output to connect to a TV monitor. Some  standalone security DVRs may have a combination of two or all of these three of these outputs.

This next connector is called RJ45, which is commonly used on Ethernet cables to connect devices in a network or simply to connect to the Internet. Another use for the RJ45 connector over Cat5 cable is for IP cameras. The IP camera is an actual network device on your home or office network. I’m going to demonstrate how this is connected with the RJ45. First, put the RJ45 connector into the IP camera. Then, connect it to the hub switch or router. See, it’s that simple.

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