How To Connect an In-Line Microphone to a DVR and Camera

Sep 20th 2018

How To Connect an In-Line Microphone to a DVR and Camera


This video explains how to connect an in-line microphone to a digital video recorder and security camera.


Welcome to the ApexCCTV Video Surveillance Instructional series. During this block of instruction, we are going to demonstrate how to attach an inline microphone, such as this, to a camera using video cable, an audio cable, and a power supply attached to a stand-alone DVR, such as this.

To begin with, take your camera and attach the shorter end of the stand-alone microphone to the CCTV security camera. So, you’ve got your male and female ends of the BNC connectors. Just push them together and rotate them until they lock in place. Take your female and male end and stick them together, such as that. This is the microphone itself in the in-line mic.

At the other end of the cable, you now have three connectors. You have the BNC connector. You have the power connector. And, now, you have the audio connector that attaches to the microphone itself. Now, to attach these three to the back of the DVR: First, in the audio cable, here, you take an audio RCA connector and put the female and male ends together. Now, take the other female end and it goes into the male end. This is “input for audio” on this model, and it just attaches right there. Next, you’ll take your video and power cable and attach one end (the correct end), which has the female end going to the male end of this cable. Push those together until they are nice and attached. Take your BNC connectors and attach them. Put them in and rotate them until they lock in place.

On this end of the cable, we still have the power and the BNC video cable we have to attach. Now, take that BNC video cable and go into any one of the video input jacks for the channel that you want. In this particular model, we’re going to attach it to channel number four (the input). You push it in and rotate it to lock it in place. Now, you take a 12 volt power supply and attach the female and male ends together. This is supplying power to both the microphone and the camera. And you attach that to, in this case, a stand-alone AC power box. And there you have attached the stand-alone DVR to the camera, an in-line microphone and power supply.

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