How To Connect Cameras, Power, and Displays to a Security DVR

Sep 20th 2018

How to Connect Cameras, Power, and Displays to a Security DVR


This video explains how to connect security cameras, power, and displays to a digital video recorder.


Welcome to the ApexCCTV Video Instruction Series In this training module we will show you how to connect  surveillance cameras to a standalone DVR and the power supply that runs it.

Here on the back of the DVR you will take the camera connection and it goes in the input side over here you rotate it until it slides in then rotate it some more and it locks in place. Then take the other end and attach it same way the two pieces rotate go together you push it in and rotate it lock there is a little tab that locks in place and the power goes in like this. At the other end you would take you connectors and you connect the power and here the power cable goes to the common side of this and the red is the positive is the red and it goes in the top piece like so in here and you screw them in.

Once the cables are in place then you would take the power cord from the box and plug it into a regular type of outlet for them.

Now a second type of power supply you can hook up to your cameras also is the single  12v DC power supply. What you would do in that case take the wire and it plugs once again just like the camera end together like so and you take the reciprocal end it goes also into the power box like that and that will also power your camera.

Now, when it comes to hooking up the monitor on a standalone DVR such as this you have 2 methods of doing it. You have a standard BNC cable output looks just like this kind of cable you hook it on once again twist it closed and the other end goes to the RCA in video on the TV.

A second method to hoop the  security DVR to a pc monitor instead of a TV type monitor is using a converter such as this. It will convert the DVR output to a monitor input. You start with out of the DVR goes in here you would plug in the power for that adapter like so. The monitor cable would go on the end of this and you then secure it so it doesn’t move. Then you take your power and you plug it in to your adapter and this way will run the DVR signal right into your DVR monitor. In conclusion in this period of instruction we showed how to attach these surveillance cameras using these cables to attach to a standalone DVR using this power supply here now we also have single power supplies for the camera that can be used in conjunction with this or in place of this for the cameras.

Also in the monitor mode we have a adapter that allows you to put this output from this stand alone DVR to a regular VGA monitor using the adapter and power supply instead of coming straight out into a TV monitor.

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