Viewing Your Security Cameras on Your Android Smartphone with MPRMS

Sep 20th 2018

Viewing Your Security Cameras on Your Android Smartphone with MPRMS


You can use the MPRMS app to view your security DVR system on your Android. This guide explains how to install the software and view your CCTV cameras from the convenience of your smartphone.


Today we are going to look at how easy it is to view your DVR from your android phone. Start by going to the marketplace where we will search for MPRMS. Click on the first result, then select free to install it and accept the conditions. An icon at the top will appear to show you that it is downloading and then installing. Return to your home screen and go to your apps and click on the MPRMS icon.

We are now prompted to add our first server. Enter the name you want your server to be called. Then enter the username and password associated with your DVR then enter the IP address of your DVR. The port should be the default unless you changed it on your DVR. Click on save at the top and we can now see our device. If you click on it it’ll ask if you want to connect via Wi-Fi, I’ll say OK and it brings up your cameras.

There are several interesting features we can click on an individual camera, this icon here will cycle through the cameras and this will bring you back to the matrix view. There is also a PTZ feature; if you select a camera with PTZ capabilities we can control the camera from your phone. If the camera has audio enabled you can click the audio icon and hear the audio from your phone. At the bottom you can see the number of standard controls. You can have presets which will let you have presets on your PTZ. You can capture a screenshot or trip a relay if your system is setup with IO. If you click channel it’ll take you back to the matrix.

That’s it, thank you for watching this ApexCCTV video tutorial.

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