Idis DA-PR1101 Single Port PoE Repeater


Single Port PoE Repeater, Compatible with IEEE 802.3af, Supports Data transfer up to 130m distance, A maximum distance of 490m can be achieved between the NVR and Camera via three DA-PR1101 ethernet extenders, Supports PoE switch off function via PoE...

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PoE Repeaters

PoE repeaters are another type of extender that lengthens your Ethernet cable runs beyond the 100m limit. A PoE repeater sends both power and data along the Ethernet cable without any need of an external power source. However, the repeaters do consume power so you're typically limited to having 2 PoE repeaters daisy chained in a single cable run. These plug and play devices are a cost effective way to avoid having to install and configure a wireless network.