Sony SNT-EX101 1 CH Encoder

$234.00 $59.00

Sony SNT-EX101 1 CH Encoder Designed for use in single channel applications the SNT-EX101 is a powerful, fully featured video encoder delivering a range of unique features. Converting traditional analogue video signals into digital video streams for...

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Sony SNT-EX101E 1 CH Encoder

$254.00 $59.00

Sony SNT-EX101E 1 CH Encoder Designed for use in single channel applications, the SNT-EX101E is a powerful, fully featured video encoder delivering a range of unique features. Converting traditional analogue video signals into digital video streams...

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Sony SNT-EP104 4 CH Encoder

$319.00 $99.00

Sony SNT-EP104 4 CH Encoder Designed for use in applications requiring up to four analogue channels, the SNT-EP104 is a powerful, fully featured video encoder delivering a range of unique capabilities. Converting up to four traditional analogue...

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Idis DC-D3212RX Full HD IR-Dome Camera

Full HD IR Camera, Full HD (1080p) resolution, Fixed-focal lens(f=3.3mm), Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC, PoE(IEEE 802.3af Class 2), Day&night ÌÎÌ_131mm, True wide dynamic range (WDR), Digital image stabilization, IR LED(Distance: 15m),...

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Security Cameras, HD Security Cameras

ApexCCTV provides the latest selection of security cameras in a variety of form factors for both analog and IP camera applications. Our comprehensive video security camera line ensures that we have the camera to meet your needs and budget. Not sure if you need a dome camera, night vision camera, or bullet camera? Do you have questions about whether analog, HD, HDTVI, or IP security cameras are best for your location? Call us at 800-997-8460 for a hassle-free consultation and one of our expert security consultants will be happy to help find the CCTV security camera that's right for you.

Types of Security Cameras

We carry multiple types of security cameras and the cameras listed on this page are either analog, HD, HD TVI, HD CVI, or IP network cameras. Typically, analog cameras and HD cameras have video resolutions at or below 720p (1280 x 720). Video resolutions for HD TVI cameras range from 1.3 megapixels up to 2 megapixels and IP security camera video resolutions vary between 1.3 megapixels and 12 megapixels.

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are the original security camera. These surveillance cameras started it all and because of their simplicity, nearly any analog camera was compatible with nearly any digital video recorder. You could quite literally mix and match your camera system across manufacturers and everything just worked out of the box. This made them wildly popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s when their price point became affordable for the average end user.


Before that point, their expense restricted their use to banks, casinos, and other businesses that were able to set aside a sizable budget for them. They capture footage at 420, 540, 600, 700, 960, & 1000 TVL video resolutions, all of which are lower than 720p, which is a base model IP camera. Analog security cameras transmit video over RG59 coaxial cable or over Cat5 ethernet cable with the use of a video balun. Analog cameras are becoming harder to source since manufacturers aren't making as many and HD TVI / CVI / IP cameras are cheaper to make and the new industry standard.

HD TVI Security Cameras

HD TVI cameras are one of the most versatile types of cameras on the market today because they fill the gap between analog security cameras and IP network cameras. Previous camera types that tried to occupy this space were just as expensive as IP cameras, but at lower video resolutions. TVI security cameras do need a TVI compatible DVR in order to function properly. Many models support tribrid or pentabrid operation, but be sure to double check your DVR's specifications to confirm that it will support HD TVI surveillance cameras. 

TVI Camera Benefits

  • Deliver IP camera quality video feeds
  • Transmits video over traditional RG59 siamese cable
  • No need to run new cable lines
  • Can transmit video up to 1,000 feet away
  • Upgrade your existing analog system to IP quality
  • Does not suffer from lag like IP cameras do

IP Cameras

IP cameras, also called network cameras, have long been out of reach for the average consumer, but production costs have dropped significantly in the last few years. This has drastically increased their popularity and helped usher in the end of analog cameras as their prices plummeted. IP cameras work by capturing and transmitting video footage over a broadband network via Ethernet cables. They capture the highest resolution video feeds with the latest models reaching up to 12 Megapixels. This allows you to capture even the smallest detail in HD so absolutely nothing is missed.

IP Camera Specs

  • 1.3MP - 8MP+ video resolution
  • Transmits over Cat5e cable
  • ~1,200 ft. maximum cable run distance
  • Compatible with hybrid DVRs & NVRs
  • Requires active broadband network
  • Can be powered locally or over Ethernet cable via PoE
  • Medium to high cost, many features, easy to find

Network cameras are also highly customizable with robust native camera settings and a suite of advanced features in the IP camera system’s video management software. This makes them the most versatile cameras on the market.



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