Hidden Security Cameras

Discreetly monitor your home or office with our hidden security cameras. Our line of covert spy cameras include models that can blend into their surroundings like the sprinkler, smoke detector, and motion detector spy cameras as well as pinhole cameras that can be installed inside of other objects and be virtually undetectable. Hidden spy cameras are an excellent choice when you have to monitor an area without anyone knowing they're being watched. Pair these covert hidden cameras with our audio surveillance equipment for a 360° covert monitoring solution.

Where to Install Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden cameras can be used nearly anywhere, but they’re best used in areas you want to discreetly and covertly monitor. These hidden cameras can be installed in plain sight and no one will think twice about what they are.


For homeowners, having a hidden clock camera in your living room is a great way to keep an eye on a babysitter that’s caring for your kids while you’re at work or to watch a house sitter while you’re on vacation. You can also install a clock spy camera in your bedrooms to have a dedicated camera’s watching your valuables.


For business owners, you can pick up a smoke detector spy camera, motion detector camera, or sprinkler head camera to monitor your retail store, gas station, office space, or any other type of business without your employees or customers being the wiser. Hidden cameras are also a great choice for police interrogation rooms & holding cells, inventory storerooms, and you can even wear them on your person too with body cameras, spy pen camera, and button cameras!

Types of Spy Cameras

Smoke detector cameras

There's a smoke detector in every home and business across the nation and they're just a part of the background. What better place for a hidden camera? Smoke detector cameras are one of the most commonly used spy cameras on the market today. Visitors, burglars, employees, customers, no one will know which some detector is legit and which one is watching them.

Spy pen cameras

Spy pen cameras are one of the best ways to covertly record audio and video on the go without having a full blown body camera in plain sight. These hidden cameras house a mini dvr, camera, and microphone in the body of a working pen so you can have it in your shirt or coat pocket, sitting in a pen holder, or in a bag to record audio.

Nanny cameras

Even if you trust your babysitter completely, you never be too careful when it comes to protecting your children. Installing a nanny camera, and other hidden cameras, inside your home will give you the peace of mind knowing you can see everything that goes on in your house while you're away. Browse our wide range of nanny cams to find the hidden camera that's right for your home.

Motion detector cameras

Everyone expects to see motion detectors inside of homes which makes them the perfect choice for a hidden camera. Since these are installed in the corners of rooms near the ceiling, motion detector cameras are able to have a wide field of view of the space they're monitoring. They even feature night vision monitoring so capture clear video at any time of day or night!


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