Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared security cameras have built-in infrared (IR) LEDs around the camera's lens which allow them to capture video in complete darkness by substituting infrared light for visible light. IR security cameras are often referred to as night vision CCTV cameras because this functionality provides clear, detailed video in both low light and no light (0 Lux) areas so they can be used for around the clock video monitoring. Our night vision cameras come in a wide variety of form factors including dome, bullet, and box camera styles. If you need to monitor an area with poor ambient lighting or at nighttime, then our infrared security cameras are a perfect fit for you.

How do IR CCTV cameras work?

IR cameras have a special image sensor chip that that is specifically designed to be sensitive to infrared light. The IR LEDs surrounding the IR camera lens flood the camera’s field of view (FOV) with infrared light which then bounces off of surfaces and reflects back to the camera where it is detected by the sensor chip. The camera then substitutes the IR light for visible light and produces a clear video feed even in complete darkness.

Types of night vision cameras

IR security cameras are just one type of night vision cameras available today. However, they have been around the longest and their night vision technology is the most mature and developed. That being said, you might run into a situation where an IR camera is not the best fit to monitor a specific area at your location and you need an alternative solution. That's where these night vision cameras come into the mix.


  • Infrared cameras: Use IR LEDs as a substitute for visible light.
  • Smart IR: An improved version of IR cameras where the camera automatically balances IR intensity to prevent the video from being washed out by object in close proximity to the camera.
  • Day/Night: These cameras typically make use of a software feature that adjusts the video feed electronically without a filter.
  • ICR: These cameras make use of a filter that only allows infrared light to pass through for around the clock monitoring.

IR security camera comparison

night vision comparison demo graphic


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