IP Cameras

IP cameras transmit true HD video footage over a high-speed Ethernet network to provide real-time, crystal clear video monitoring. Network security cameras provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for your video security system needs. Our large selection of IP security cameras are feature rich and easy to use while allowing video to be monitored remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or remote PC. Network IP cameras now offer some of the highest resolutions available and can be easily integrated into your existing home or office Ethernet network. ApexCCTV is an authorized distributor of GeoVision, Hikvision, D-Link, Vivotek, Axis, and Veilux products.

How do IP cameras work?

IP cameras transmit video, audio, and data over Ethernet cables so they can connect to your home or office’s broadband network directly or via WiFi. This is also why they’re called network cameras or network IP cameras. With IP cameras, you don’t have to have them connected to an NVR since you can access them directly by their IP addresses on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop. However, you can only view live footage and it will lack key monitoring features from the VMS software in your network video recorder.

Benefits of IP cameras

There are more benefits to network IP cameras than just the higher resolution. Analog cameras have few advanced features, low video resolution, and need multiple cable runs per camera to work properly whereas IP cameras are the complete opposite.


  • Higher video resolution than analog cameras (up to 12 Megapixels)
  • Advanced video analytics for enhanced monitoring & system management
  • Endlessly scalable systems that grow in step with your needs
  • Transmit video, audio, and power over a single cable run
  • Fewer cameras needed due to higher resolution and larger coverage area

IP camera vs analog camera comparison



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