GeoVision GV-DSP Linux LPR Box V3


GeoVision GV-DSP Linux LPR Box V3

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GeoVision GV-DSP Linux LPR Box V3 Disclaimer: This product is built by GeoVision and designed to work with other GeoVision products. While it may support other brands, this product should be used with GeoVision products for best results. If you have...

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License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras

LPR cameras, also known as license plate recognition cameras, are a specialized type of camera that are engineered to capture highly detailed images of license plates passing through the camera's target zone at any time of day or night. Most LPR cameras have an infrared cut filter to cancel out ambient lighting so tail lights, direct sunlight, or surface reflections do not wash out the image. When combined with optional LPR Software, these cameras provide accurate license plate recognition, archiving and search capabilities for single land and multi-lane license plate recognition camera applications.

What are license plate recognition cameras?

LPR cameras are specialized type of security camera that works in conjunction with LPR software to capture, log, and store license plates that pass through the camera’s field of view. Most license plate cameras make use of an infrared cut filter to compensate for ambient lighting to achieve a clear shot of a vehicle’s license plate.


We also recommend that you install an overview camera to work in tandem with your LPR camera. The reason behind this is that while LPR cameras are great at capturing clear shots of license plates, details of the vehicle are usually obscured by the contrast of the IR cut filter or lost because they only record in black and white. The overview camera, however, can record in full color to get a clear picture of the vehicle and/or the driver to be used in conjunction with video from the LPR camera so you can link the license plate to the correct vehicle.

Difference between LPR cameras and LPC cameras

At first glance, you might think that these cameras are one in the same, but that isn’t correct. An LPR camera is a license plate recognition camera and an LPC camera is a license plate capture camera. While they both capture video of license plates passing through their FOVs, an LPR camera uses LPR software to tag, record, and store when a license plate was seen. An LPC camera doesn’t have that and if you’re using one, you’ll have to manually go through video footage to find what you’re looking for.

Best Places to Use an LPR Camera

Due to the specialized nature of these cameras, they aren't a great fit for every location. There are some that benefit from them more than others.


  • Parking Lots / Garages: Whether you run an apartment building, convention center, or other venue, LPR cameras are a great crime deterrent.
  • HOAs / Gated Communities: Help security guards know how does and doesn't live in the community with LPR cameras monitored each lane of traffic.
  • Tollways: Using LPR cameras in conjunction with your city or states license plate database can automatically charge drivers for using a tollway.
  • Loading Docks / Distribution Centers: Track when trucks arrive and leave to improve your logistics pipeline.
  • Security Checkpoints: Immediately know who is and isn't authorized to enter your facility with an LPR camera solution.

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