GeoVision GV-ABL2701 2MP Bullet IP Camera GeoVision GV-ABL2701 2MP Bullet IP Camera


GeoVision GV-ABL2701 2MP Bullet IP Camera

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GeoVision GV-ABL2701 Overview GeoVision's GV-ABL2701 is an outdoor rated bullet IP camera that features both an IR cut filter as well as IR LEDs for crystal clear monitoring even in complete darkness. The GV-ABL2701 also has Wide Dynamic Range...

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Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Outdoor CCTV cameras are built with weatherproof camera housings that are designed to keep out dust and moisture from damaging the internal components of the security camera. Our weatherproof security cameras come in variety of form factors such as bullet, box, and vandal proof security cameras. Some of these outdoor CCTV cameras have features such as vandal proof housings, night vision, WDR, and adjustable lenses. We offer both IP and analog weatherproof security cameras. If you need help deciding which outdoor CCTV camera is right for you, call us at 800-997-8460 or check out our IP rating guide to learn more about weatherproof camera ratings.

Types of Camera Weather Resistant Ratings

When you’re installing your cameras, pay attention to the weatherproof rating in the spec sheet so you don’t install it in a place it isn’t rated for. There are 3 main types of weatherproof ratings for security cameras.


Indoor rated cameras are cameras that can only be installed indoors and this is primarily due to a lack of moisture protection. The every day humidity and moisture would damage the internal electrical components of the camera and cause them to corrode and fail. These cameras are typically used in office environments and homes.

One thing to bear in mind, you may still need an outdoor rated camera for an indoor location if said location experiences a good amount of humidity from the climate (looking at you Florida) or from something in the location.


Outdoor rated security cameras are completely protected from both dust and moisture. This allows them to be installed in nearly any location both indoors and out. While protection against water technically starts at the IPx1 rating, we recommend a minimum of IPx6 to guarantee protection against all manner of liquids. Following this tip will make sure that the camera’s internals stay dry and free from debris that would damage it. The standard ratings for weather proof cameras are IP66 & IP67 with IP67 becoming the new standard.


IP67 cameras can be submerged down to a depth of 1m, but that is only temporarily. Actual submersible protection begins at the IP68 rating and these weatherproof cameras can be used in pools, aquariums, ponds, etc.

Camera IP Rating Breakdown


Dust Protection
1st Digit Meaning
0 No protection
1 Protection against 2”+ objects (50mm+)
2 Protection against 0.5”+ objects (12mm+)
3 Protection against 2.5mm+ objects
4 Protection against 1mm+ objects
5 Limited ingress (only dust can enter)
6 Complete protection (zero ingress)


Water Protection
1st Digit Meaning
0 No protection
1 Safe from vertically dripping water
2 Safe from sprays of water tilted up to 15°
3 Safe from sprays of water tilted up to 60°
4 Safe from sprays of water from any direction
5 Safe from low pressure jets of water from any direction
6 Safe from high pressure jets of water from any direction
7 Safe from complete water immersion up to 1m depth
8 Safe from complete water immersion from 1m up to specified depth



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