GeoVision GV-PPTZ7300 7MP (5MP Fisheye+2MP PTZ

$999.00 $749.00

GeoVision GV-PPTZ7300 7MP (5MP Fisheye+2MP PTZ) optional Power adaptor or PA901 PoE adaptor GV-PPTZ7300 is a 2-in-1 panoramic PTZ IP camera that includes a 5 MP fisheye panoramic camera and a 2 MP IP Speed Dome. The fisheye camera allows you to monitor...

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Speed Dome Cameras

Speed dome cameras are high performance PTZ cameras that excel at long range and wide angle surveillance. These PTZ cameras come with both optical and digital zoom capacity so you can zero in on objects over a large range of distances with minimal change in video quality. Speed dome cameras are also programmable so you can set a pre-defined patrol path for the camera to follow on a set schedule. They also feature 360° endless panning, night vision recording, and vandal/outdoor rated camera housings for monitoring in any environment.


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