Business Security Camera Systems

Inventory shrink and theft can occur anywhere, especially in a busy commercial or business environment with large numbers of customers, employees, and shipping traffic. We offer a wide range of commercial CCTV camera systems to help businesses protect their company assets, investments, and employees for small retail shops and large multi-location clients alike. What most people don't know is that purchasing business security camera systems for their location can pay for itself in a matter of months with the money you save from stopping shoplifting, internal theft, vandalism, and increasing employee efficiency.


Not sure what your business needs? Give us a call at 800-997-8460 to consult one of our technical sales professionals to help you choose the best commercial CCTV camera system that meets your requirements and budget.

Why you need a Commercial CCTV Camera System

There are many dangers to your business that might be eating away at your bottom line. You could be losing hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars every single year and you don't even know it. Installing one of our business security camera systems will help you identify sources of loss, capture footage of the act, and give you the business intelligence you need to prevent future losses.


Sometimes vandalism is just vandalism. It's a bunch of bored kids with too much time on their hands and they happen to be at your home or business at the wrong time. Other times, it's a disgruntled customer, a competitor, or it could be someone sending a message. No matter what the reason, a business security camera system will go a long way to prevent and deter your property from being vandalized.


The simple fact that there are cameras installed at your business is usually enough to stop would be vandals in their tracks. These commercial CCTV cameras capture video in stunning high defintion at any time of day or night so you can clearly identify the criminals to press charges and expedite your insurance claims. You can even install vandal rated cameras that come with reinforced housings and hardened plastic lens covers to keep them from being broken.


Shoplifting and theft is an unavoidable part of running a business. No matter what you sell, someone wants to steal it. Hiring a security guard is expensive and they can't be everywhere, see everything, and catch everything. A commercial CCTV system can.


Installing a security camera system for businesses will give you the tools you need to not only deter theft from occuring, but to help identify better ways to improve your loss prevention program. This insight and theft prevention will help your commercial CCTV system pay for itself.

Internal Theft

Internal theft is when an employee steals from their employer's business. This could be something as small as stealing paperclips or pens from the inventory storeroom to something as large as stealing multiple high end TVs from a warehouse. Internal theft is hard to catch with a commercial security camera system in place. You either have to catch your employee red handed or pull off some major forensic accounting / inventory wizardry to back track to when the item was stolen and who was on shift. Cameras are always watching so you don't have to.

Liability Risk

If you don't have a business CCTV system in place, you're at risk of being sued because you always have to watch out for the guy in the video below. He's everywhere. He wants free lunches, he wants payoffs to not "sue", and he's wanting to take everything he can from you. Protect yourself from him.

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