Security DVRs

ApexCCTV provides a wide selection of feature rich security DVRs that are perfect for home, business, and government security installations. Our versatile CCTV DVRs come with in 4 channel, 8 channel, and 16 channel configurations and feature motion detection recording, H.264 / H.265 video compression, and our DVRs are iOS / Android compatible for remote viewing on your smartphone or tablet. All of our security DVR systems is backed by an excellent warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Types of Security DVRs

Digital video recorders have come a long way in the last decade and there are more options to choose from now more than ever. Knowing which security DVR is the one you need can be confusing. Learn more about the different types of CCTV DVRs by reading the bullets below.


  • Analog DVRs: These DVRs are only compatible with legacy analog cameras. They do not support CVI, TVI, or HD SDI cameras, but do support some HD CCTV cameras. These DVRs can only record up to 960H (960x480) video.
  • Hybrid DVRs: These DVRs support traditional analog cameras and IP cameras. This lets you keep using your old cameras while adding new network cameras to monitor your location in high definition.
  • CVI DVRs: These DVRs are compatible with CVI cameras that record video up to 1080p video resolution over coaxial cable for true HD recording.
  • TVI DVRs: These DVRs are compatible with TVI cameras and capture video at up to 1080p video resolution. However, they are backwards compatible meaning that if you hook up a regular analog camera into a TVI DVR, it will record analog video. This makes for the perfect transition system between analog and IP.

Types of Connections on Digital Video Recorders

This video demo covers the various connections that can be used to hook up security cameras to your CCTV DVR and their monitors. Having secure connections between the components in your video security system is vitally important as a loose connector or connection can cause a degradation in the video quality recorded by your digital video recorder.


CCTV DVR Setup - Connecting Cameras & Power Supplies to Your DVR

Setting up a security DVR system in your home or office can be incredibly daunting if you've never installed one before or seen the back of a DVR. There are dozens of connections that can throw you for a loop and we've made this step by step video demo to walk you through the process.


Security DVR FPS Setting Comparison

One of the quickest ways to conserve storage space on your DVR's hard drive is to adjust the frames per second (FPS) recording settings. In a nutshell, video feeds from your cameras are a series of still images viewed sequentially to simulate motion. The FPS setting on your CCTV DVR determines how many images are captured each second so the higher the FPS setting, the more images that are captured each second and the more fluid the video feed appears. Most video recorders' default recording setting is 30fps and, as seen in the video below, can easily be reduced to 15fps without a major loss in fluidity while saving you nearly half the storage space!




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